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Country and Region Term Set for SharePoint


​I thought I would share a term set that I have created using Wictor Wilén’s Excel Macro Template.

It is a list of countries grouped by region. The USA is a region to allow for the selection of states without this causing a 3rd level (silly decision on my part but I’m not going to change it at this stage). The regions are able to be selected as terms but you could set this to false for each region before importing.


Published: 28/04/2011 4:22 p.m.

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Clark Atlanta University Improves Campus Communications With Siemens Enterprise Communications

Facing a telecommunications infrastructure that was rapidly becoming obsolete, Clark Atlanta University sought the help of Siemens Enterprise Communications to deploy a campus-wide IP unified communications system that would move the school to IP phones, improve call center capability, and help the university save money.
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Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance
Date Published: 29th March 11

What are the features of Sharepoint Server 2010 offered by MS Visio?

I have come across Sharepoint Server 2010 a new feature available in Visio 2010 and would like to know more in detail about it. What exactly it does? and how its useful? Anyone having any idea on this, please help.

Chosen Answer:

It allows publishing of data-driven diagrams from Visio 2010 to SharePoint Server 2010, and viewing and refreshing data-driven diagrams in a browser. There is many other features it you can go through their website http://visiotoolbox.com/2010/visio-services.aspx
by: Jason Rodriguez
on: 19th November 10

What are the main differences between Microsoft Sharepoint and Open Exchange?

Hi, I am very familiar with Microsoft SharePoint but not so with “Open Exchange”, can somebody please tell me what the main differences are between the two, and why you would select one over the other, disregarding licensing issues and costs for the moment.

Many thanks

Chosen Answer:

Well, SharePoint is not an email platform, so that is a big difference between the two. Both can share calendars and contacts, and both can share documents.

Exchange uses Outlook to deliver all of that to the desktop, but can use other clients (like a web-based system called Outlook Web Access) as well. What it is NOT good at is managing large amounts of documents and other files. Public Folders (which is how you share files in Exchange) are being phased out by Microsoft, and they have always been a secondary choice for sharing documents.

SharePoint is designed for knowledge collaboration – in other words sharing documents, wiki pages, shared calendars and contacts. It uses only a web-based interface, and isn’t designed to synchronize with a desktop like Outlook is. Of course, as I said before, SharePoint is not an email system at all, so if you are looking for an email platform, SharePoint alone just isn’t an option.

So each has some great strengths and weaknesses. Most larger organizations use both!
by: Doms
on: 29th July 09

How do you sync 10 individual Outlook calendars with one Sharepoint Calendar?

My department would like to sync all individual Outlook calendars into our department Sharepoint calendar so that we can see vacation days, etc. Is this possible? I already know how to view the centralized calendar in my Outlook.

Chosen Answer:

You don’t.

What you will need to do is to have each person enter their calendar items into the shared calendar view.

And then have them use Outlook to view the shared calendar.
by: Monkeyman
on: 18th September 08

How do you get Flash to work in Sharepoint 2007?

I was able to get flash to work in Sharepoint 2003. I however am having trouble deploying in Sharepoint 2007. Any tips would be great.

Chosen Answer:

Lots of Luck.
Thats the Great Thing about Early Adopters, they are the Guinea Pigs. Did you try some testing before doing the Install ?
Is this a Live Production Box ?
Sharepoint 2007 is buggy. Call MS Support
by: Mictlan_KISS
on: 20th October 07