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SharePoint 2010, ALM and Continuous Integration Resources

When teaching SharePoint 2010 developer classes I typically get at least one question every other class as it relates to ALM. On occasion there is at least one student who is used to doing continuous integration (CI) in their non-SharePoint projects and want to know how to it in SharePoint 2010 projects.

For me, the best person you can look to is Chris O’Brien. Chris has done a ton of work around this and has presented on the subject at a few conferences. He’s now working on a blog series (in conjunction with Microsoft folks like Kirk Evans & Mike Morton) that walks though setting up a SharePoint 2010 project for CI. The series is being posted on Chris’ blog as well as SharePoint Developer Team Blog.

Its best to start with the introduction “why” posts here:

» Chris O’Brien: SharePoint 2010 Continuous Integration – Part 1: Benefits
» SharePoint Dev Team Blog: Continuous Integration for SharePoint 2010 (Mike Morton)

Both of those point to the other posts in this series. There are a few other posts on Chris’ blog I’d recommend you check out as well.

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I am looking for an entry level software developer / systems analyst full time position?

I am currently a graduate student and will be graduating in December. These are my skill sets

Languages : C, C++, C#, Java, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, XML
Web Development : J2EE, ASP.NET, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Wicket, Adobe Flex, ActionScript
Business Tools : JIRA, Microsoft Project.
Others : Joomla, Microsoft SharePoint, EDMS
Databases: Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQL Server.
Operating Systems : Unix, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS.

I have worked as a software intern at Fidelity Investments, Boston for 8 months under the Fidelity Investments Management Technology (FIMT) wing. The internship gave me considerable level of understanding in Software Development, Deployment and Troubleshooting, Web Development, Content Management Systems and Business Requirement Analysis.

Job interviews are becoming hard to find; let alone the job. And the scenario worsens if someone needs an H1B sponsoring to work. I know asking favors like this in the Yahoo Answers community is weird. But its just a hope that programmers from different companies would have a look at my skill sets and may be someone would refer me to his company thereby helping me to get an interview slot.

I would be very thankful if you could help me out by forwarding my resume to your respective companies if they are looking for entry-level positions. I apologize for posting a favor like this here. If you need additional info, please let me know.

I have already posted in job boards like collegegrad.com, careerbuilder, etc. But today, everyone knows that a person with a reference has more chances of getting an interview than the one who comes in through the job sites.

I am also aware that I may have to be patient to get my interview calls for all those companies which I have applied. But from your side, I hope a small reference might help a long way.

Chosen Answer:

I’m not the person you’re looking for, but I wanted to give a helpful tip. Besides “software analyst” web analysts are high in demand. With your skills set, you could easily pick it up. If you’re interested, check out Avinash Kaushik.
Don’t just sit around for a job. Get skills.
by: George T.
on: 12th September 09

“Error: Access Denied” on Sharepoint?

Hello I have a student portal which is powered by sharepoint sever 2007. I recently edited one of my master pages, then logged out. I came back to log back in and the web redirected me to a light blue page that said Error: Access Denied. On this page it shows 3 links. One of the links said Go back to site. I click it but it only put me back on the same page. The next link says Sign in as a different user. When you click this link it leads you back onto the login page. Everytime I log in it it goes back to the same page. But my brother who also has an account logged in to his and it led him to the correct page. (We both have an account because this account is associated with my school and my school county). I am having a hard time with this site. I have researched every possible way to fix it but every site keeps telling me to go to the site settings page but the thing is that IT DOES NOT SHOW A LINK FOR THAT. I have no idea how to get there. Please help me. I have even went to microsoft customer service, called my school board, and everywhere else possible. Can someone please tell me how to fix this stressful problem.
* the third link is a request access link which does not do anything and i later found out it does not even send the complaint

Chosen Answer:

You probably have deleted your user right or someone else has you probably need to create a new accout access denied means you are not allowed to use that service or you don’t have any user rights for the service, since the site is managed by your school you need to go to the NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS that manage the page they can fix the problem for you, u didn’t post the web address so i cant fix the problem
by: Jack
on: 6th March 11