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The Sanity Point is Now On SharePoint 2010

wpe4It’s About Time!

I’m pleased to announce that The Sanity Point is now at long last running on SharePoint 2010. Specifically, Search Server 2010 Express. I confess, this took a lot longer than I had planned.

Though the big stumbling blocks had to do with migrating my content, and getting the Community Kit for SharePoint – Enhanced Blog Edition (CKS:EBE) to work correctly, I can’t totally blame the tools. My life has been pretty busy these last few months, so my troubleshooting time (along with writing time) was quite limited. Still, look for a post describing my new environment and the actual trials and tribulations of getting it set up in the near future, as there are definitely some "gotchas".

In the mean time, thanks for your patience, and I’ll see y’all at Tech-Ed in Atlanta!


There is apparently yet another glitch with CKS:EBE. Sometimes, post links aren’t working. It doesn’t happen consistently (otherwise I would have caught it). Please bear with me as I try to work out this last kink. Thanks for your patience!

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Using Microsoft Project 2010 to Plan My Trip

I’m taking a sabbatical from October 7th to January 2nd. It’s an award I was given at my 10 year Microsoft anniversary. It’s an opportunity to unplug, relax and come back recharged for 2012 – specifically Project Conference 2012 in March! There’s never a great time to take time off, but this window turns out to be a pretty good time. I plan to write a blog post reflecting on my 10 years at Microsoft – stay tuned for that!

Now back to the topic. With 12 weeks time off, my wife and I discussed many different ways to spend the time. We wanted to spend time with family, visit Europe and also go to South Asia for some warm weather. We started planning with paper and pen and very quickly we realized that we needed a lot of rewriting and paper. :–) Some of the reasons why this was the case:

- We needed visas for a few of the places we wanted to visit and visas need processing time, have restrictions, etc.

- We wanted to spend time with both of our extended families. Family dates kept moving.

- We were flexible in our travel dates and could adjust our schedule based on ticket/hotel prices.

- We had a preference on the trip order.

So what did I do? I think most people would have tried using Excel – which would have helped but not solve the problem. I went right into Project Professional 2010 to schedule my trip! And it has proved to be very helpful in planning and communicating my trip details to family members – thanks to the power of scheduling and the timeline view!

Here are two simple steps I took before I started planning:

1. Change Working Time. I changed the default calendar to a 24 Hour calendar. Be sure to go into Options and change hours per day/week values. Vacation is a 24-hour “job”! :–)

2. Change Project Information. Apply the 24-hour calendar to your Project.

That’s it. I was ready to go! Very easy to plan, to change and communicate. And most importantly, I’m excited about my time off and I feel confident that we’ve put together a solid plan! Below is a high-level timeline – I’ve cleaned it up for privacy reasons but should give you a good idea of how I am communicating my trip schedule with my family and friends.



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Cell Phone Trends in Asia

I had a unique opportunity to spend 6 weeks in Asia – specifically in India, Cambodia and Thailand from early November to late December. And while this was a personal trip, I observed technology trends that were quite different from the US. Here are a few that I noticed:

- WiFi is not ubiquitous. Unlike many places in the US where WiFi is present in many homes, coffee shops, airports and city centers, WiFi is not everywhere in India. There are definitely pockets of WiFi access, but even in many homes, it’s not available.

- BlackBerry is a popular smartphone in India. Caveat: while I was in India, Windows Phone was not widely available. BlackBerry was by far the most popular smart phone. And what was most interesting and least obvious was the reason for its popularity – BBM which stands for BlackBerry Messenger. It’s a social messaging system and many consumers are hooked on it. Many people buy the BlackBerry because their friends are on BBM. The most popular non-smartphone choice was by far Nokia – which makes me excited about the opportunity that Windows Phone + Nokia brings to India.

- SMS is king in India. Cell phone data connections are not nearly as popular as SMS. This has been the case for many years now but it’s still surprising to see. Any technology venture in India needs to think about having some kind of SMS strategy and keep in mind that not everyone has cell phone data plans and WiFi access – but everyone has and loves SMS.

- Custom Ring tones are popular. If you hear the tune to a popular song in a café, more likely than not, it’s someone’s cell phone ringing.

Well that’s my last post for 2011. Happy 2012 to all of you!

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Managing Your Business with Outlook2003 For Dummies

  • Shows readers how to use Outlook as an effective and powerful solution for managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts, and other information as they are specifically applied in a business setting
  • Discusses managing and maintaining current customers and how to control customer interactions
  • Explains the process of using checklists and matching them with Outlook applications-from bulk mailing to planning a telemarketing campaign
  • Addresses how to build a prospect profile with an action plan for follow-up until the prospect becomes an active customer
  • Provides step-by-step examples on how to set up and use Business Contact Manager

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Which companies in Silicon Valley use .NET Technologies and Sharepoint?

I’m an expert in Microsoft .NET Technologies like VB.NET and ASP.NET. Planning to learn Sharepoint pretty soon. I would like to know which companies in Silicon Valley use these technologies so I can specifically target them with my resume. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

on: 1st January 70

How does Microsoft SQL Database work?

More specifically how does it store files… as a diff or a new file for each new file version. This is in relation to SharePoint.

Chosen Answer:

SharePoint is a content manager – I’m not certain how it executes in relation to SQL Server but I would think it mainly would only track changes to the application software itself, not the tables within them…at most, I would suspect it only would track schema changes to the tables and other objects, not changes to individual data rows – that’s what log files are for.
by: TheMadProfessor
on: 3rd June 10

Can MS Sharepoint use PHP?

Can MS Sharepoint (specifically 2010) use PHP? And if so, to what extent? Is it difficult to integrate the two or does the admin have to struggle with getting them to play nice?

Beyond this, what is the easiest way to customize a sharepoint site visually? I’m a graphic designer more-so than a sharepoint architect, so you can see my dilemma. Thanks!

Chosen Answer:

If you can manually add text, then yes. CMS is simply a transfer stream from your computer to the host server.
Good Luck!
If you need further assistance/advice, feel free to contact me.
by: Chris B
on: 15th April 10

Updating SharePoint lists programatically: Need ‘Hello World’ type instructions.?

I am pretty advanced ‘power user’ of SharePoint, and I want to get into the controlling of lists programatically.

Specifically, I have a situation where I have an issue list, and when the issue is resolved, the ‘Assigned To’ person must take a survey. The Survey has a lookup ‘question’ which is tied to the issue list.

In my issues list, I have a ‘yes/no’ for ‘survey taken’, but I have to manually go in and change to ‘yes’ when someone takes a survey. Can I programatically change this value to ‘yes’, or, better yet, how can I list all issues that do not have a matching survey item?

Chosen Answer:

That’s a good question… You are definitely a power user. I don’t have the details you are looking for. Good luck in your quest.
by: whadda-dingo-gal
on: 20th December 06

Integration of Sharepoint with Outlook?

i’m trying to integrate a task list in sharepoint with outlook, but cant find a way.
can anyone help?
what if i want it the other way round i.e. i want to display sharepoint data in outlook (tasks lists and contacts specifically) so that i am able to let my clients access it from their outlook in their PDAs

Chosen Answer:

I think this may help. Here is a quote from the link:
“Note, SharePoint has built-in web parts to display Outlook data related to specific Outlook content. Very much like the scenario above, these web parts are designed to expose Outlook data in the SharePoint interface. This data includes items such as personal inbox, calendar, and task list”


Here also is the related Microsoft link:
Integration Guide for Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services


Plus there are lots of other links available via this Google search:


Good Luck
by: Aldo2
on: 7th December 06