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Planning SharePoint Permissions Worksheet

Download the SharePoint Permissions Planning Worksheet here

I was going to write a blog about what I considered best practices around SharePoint security but Jasper Oostervald – https://www.nothingbutsharepoint.com/sites/eusp/Pages/SharePoint-Permissions-Part-1.aspx in his 2 part blog pretty much covered exactly what I wanted to say and more.

So instead of rewriting what he said I hope to add something by providing a worksheet that I have been working on. It’s really in Alpha so if anyone can improve on it and share what they have done that would be great.

In case you are unaware, Microsoft provides planning worksheets here – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262451.aspx

In my opinion most of them complicate things by having columns that most of our projects don’t really use.

I am hoping my one is simpler and more useful.

This worksheet has 4 tabs and instructions and tips.



Start by looking at the “Sites” tab.

Here you add your sites and the permissions of those sites.


You may need to go to the Groups tab to add your new groups that you will need.

The “Content” tab is very similar to the “Sites” tab but is for assigning permission to the libraries and lists in your site.


If your dropdowns stop working you may need to reset them by following these instructions – http://spreadsheets.about.com/od/datamanagementinexcel/qt/20071113_drpdwn.htm.


I would love to get some feedback to see if this worksheet is of use to anyone or even better if someone with actual Excel skills can improve it, that would be great!

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Transforming your Enterprise Business

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity I have to talk with our partners. The Microsoft Project partner ecosystem is dedicated, vast and highly skilled! They provide a great deal of insight on deployment, adoption and overall feedback which is important to us for business and product planning.

With many of our Project partners’ businesses doing really well given the industry Project Management demand, it gives us an opportunity to talk about the future. A common discussion topic is how partners should think about their business over the next few years with the explosion of devices, democratization of IT, shift to the cloud and constant desire for change and innovation with tight budgets. These factors aren’t Project or Microsoft specific rather they are relevant to the software industry.

In our discussions, two themes that generally emerge are Cloud and Partner-to-Partner opportunities. These incidentally were also the focus at WPC this year.

The Cloud. The word “cloud” is overloaded – it could mean Public Cloud (for eg. Office 365, Azure, Salesforce) or Private Cloud (for eg. Hyper-V, VMWare). And each one of these can be sub-segmented even further: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, etc. In any case, the reality is that the cloud is an important business consideration and a current technology trend. Microsoft is leading with the cloud and uniquely positioned to offer services for On-Premises and the Cloud. And whether you are a System Integrator (SI) or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), the cloud is something that you should consider for your product and business strategies. Here is one way to think about your business if you’re a partner that is enterprise focused today:

- Enterprise market. The cloud offers a new way for enterprises to deploy (eg. don’t have to install software, manage hardware, etc)  and purchase software (eg. pay subscription fee, don’t have to buy server hardware, etc). As a partner, this means you want to focus on business scenarios, adoption, interoperability, migration and customization. There’s a lot of opportunity in this space and an opportunity to engage your existing customers and help them move to the cloud.

- Small & Medium Business (SMB) market. The cloud offers a unique way to reach new customers that weren’t able to install and manage “enterprise” software in the past. In this case, these are potential new customers to the industry. And while this represents an entirely new opportunity space, the partner engagement and business model is quite different. SMB customers are not necessarily looking for deep engagements; rather, they are interested in lighter involvement to get their solution up and running. The number of users are much smaller than enterprise customers and in this space, you’re potentially looking at a larger volume of customers with less users each. If you’re a partner that’s traditionally focused on enterprise customers, the questions are 1) are you interested in the SMB market and 2) if you are, how will you transform your business to have lighter touch, higher volume engagements that are similar in nature to the SaaS business model of subscription payments?

Think about how you can offer additional services and scale your business by partnering with other partners. Before you start reaching out to partners, think about the types of partnerships you need to be successful and then recruit and invest in select partners. Be thoughtful on what your business drivers are and which partnerships will help you build your business. For example, do you need to partner with a hoster? Do you need resellers? A training company? An outsourcing company? Or even someone in the same space as you with broader global reach? And while these questions seem very straightforward, many partners don’t invest the time to think about their own partner strategy. It’s important for someone on your leadership team to be thinking about P2P opportunities.

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Get Social with SharePoint

After months of planning, prepping, stressing (and a little “monkeying” around) it’s finally here – SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim, CA, USA.

We’re excited and we hope those of you attending this week’s sessions and activities are too. And for those unable to join us this year, don’t worry – our social media team will keep you updated on All Things SPC11.
Whether you will be joining us and the ever-present SharePoint Monkey at the conference or just soaking it all in online, we want to give you a brief overview what will be happening on the social front and how you can participate in the conversation:


Official Social Media Channels – Make sure to check them out and “like” or follow us if you haven’t already:
o  Facebook SharePoint Main Page: http://www.facebook.com/MSSharePoint
o  Facebook SharePoint Conference Page: http://www.facebook.com/wwspc
o  Twitter Channel: http://twitter.com/SharePoint
o  Twitter SharePoint Monkey Channel: http://twitter.com/TheSPMonkey

Twitter Hashtags – Be sure to use the #SPC11 hashtag for all tweets, and you can add a related event hashtag as well (we’ll be sure to let you know what they are.) Even if you aren’t attending but want to weigh in on the conversation, keynotes or anything else conference related, use the #SPC11 tag to be heard!

Foursquare Check-In Locations – We have set up several Foursquare check-in venues for #SPC11 and will provided some handy “tips” for you to download when you check-in at each marked location. The “Mayor” of each venue will receive a prize at the conclusion of the conference (hint: It’s a seriously great prize, trust us) J  

“Find the Monkey” Contests – These fun on-site giveaways will be scheduled throughout the conference. Attendees will be notified via Twitter (make sure to follow us!) that the monkey is “on the move” — the first 10 people who find him will receive a prize and pictures will be posted of daily winners on Facebook.

Monkey Fling “Flash Mob” – Everyone and anyone with a monkey “slingshot” toy will meet at a pre-determined location and “fling” their screaming monkeys into the air at once – the event will be captured on video and posted online for all to enjoy. For attendees who don’t have a monkey from the 2009 conference, we will have a “monkey giveaway” one hour prior to the Fling. Stay tuned to the SharePoint social media channels for more details!

“Man on the Street” Interviews -   Don’t be shy, all interested conference-goers are welcome to participate in a simple “Q&A” style video and share your thoughts about #SPC11 on Monday, Oct. 3 and Wednesday, Oct. 5. We’ll let you know exactly where and when (or just look for the video cameras, they will be hard to miss.)

If you have any questions or need assistance during the conference, just ping us via Twitter or Facebook and a member of the social media team will be happy to help. And remember to use the #SPC11 hashtag whenever you tweet!

It’s going to be a busy and exciting week – thanks in advance for your participation and support. Let #SPC11 begin!

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Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 Products documentation

After months of planning and hard work, Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 Products is live and available for download. Service Pack 1 provides additional functionality and specific fixes, such as the ability to recover site collections and sites from the Recycle Bin, granular management and insight into storage using StorMan.aspx (Storage Space Allocation), and many others.

The SharePoint documentation team has published new and updated articles that were available as of June 28. For more information about these articles, as well as to learn what’s new in this service pack, download the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 white paper.

The following SharePoint team blog post provides more information about the contents of the service pack, such as its contents, how to download it, and FAQs: http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/blog/Pages/BlogPost.aspx?pID=984

You can also visit the Updates for SharePoint 2010 Products Resource Center (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ff800847.aspx) to get detailed information about installing the service pack.

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Microsoft SharePoint Conference – Info and Sneak Peaks

Author: Tobias Zimmergren http://www.zimmergren.net | http://www.tozit.com | @zimmergren Introduction Most of you (awesome SharePoint people) may already know about the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this year. If you are planning on attending, that’s great! I hope to meet as many of you as … (More)
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Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 Unleashed

This go-to-resource is a must-have for anyone using Project Server 2003!  Written by a widely recognized authority on project management, QuantumPM, this in-depth approach to planning and implementing Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 is derived from the team’s technical and practical client experiences.  Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 Unleashed provides an in-depth look at Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and the possibilities of this technology.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Unleashed

  • ISBN13: 9780672329708
  • Condition: New
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Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 4.0 Unleashed presents start-to-finish guidance for planning, customizing, deploying, integrating, and managing Dynamics CRM in your unique business and technical environment. Authored by two leading Microsoft Dynamics implementers, this book systematically explains how the system works, why it works that way, and how you can leverage it to its fullest advantage.


The authors present clear examples, proven best practices, and pitfalls to avoid in using every significant Dynamics CRM capability. The far-reaching coverage ranges from Dynamics CRM’s sales, marketing, and customer service features to its automated workflows; from Outlook and Office integration to reporting and security. The authors offer independent insight into Dynamics CRM’s most powerful new features, from its improved interface to its new mail merge and data migration tools.


This book is for every IT professional who intends to work with Dynamics CRM, regardless of their experience with Dynamics or other CRM solutions. The authors provide example-rich, realistic coverage of advanced Dynamics customization, extensibility, and integration: information that is available nowhere else.


Detailed information on how to…

  • Set up, configure, and maintain all facets of Dynamics CRM in any organization or industry
  • Thoroughly understand both the on-premise and hosted versions of Dynamics CRM
  • Make the most of Dynamics’ new features, including email, the Outlook client, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD), and relationships
  • Manage sales leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, marketing lists, sales collateral, campaigns, quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Improve customer service by integrating schedules, cases, contacts, product/service information, and more
  • Build powerful automated workflows that streamline key sales tasks and liberate salespeople for more effective selling
  • Efficiently administer and secure any Dynamics CRM implementation
  • Drive greater value by integrating Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Office productivity tools
  • Customize and extend Dynamics CRM using Visual Studio, .NET, and custom plug-ins and add-ons


Download all of this book’s examples and source code at informit.com/title/9780672329708

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Notes to Office 365 migration eased by Quest tool upgrade

Planning to move from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365? Quest has the route planned for you. A new version of Quest Software’s Notes Migrator for SharePoint provides support for SharePoint Online in the multi-tenant Microsoft Office 365 service. “Quest Software continues to enhance its migration offerings for customers moving to the Microsoft cloud,” said Jared Spataro, director, SharePoint …
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Source: iTWire
Date Published: 30th March 11

The Administrator’s Guide to SharePoint Portal Server 2001

Comprehensive manual for the planning, design, deployment, and management of Microsoft’s corporate information portal solution. Explains everything from basic concepts to advanced customization techniques. Softcover.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

Special Edition Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server is a must-have reference on collaboration using Microsoft’s document and collaboration server. The book helps advanced users and administrators understand collaboration, SPS’s architecture, using SPS, and finally how to administer the server in their business setting. Topics covered include: defining collaboration, what SPS can do for you, planning back-end infrastructure, planning for SPS security, and daily administration.

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