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Planning SharePoint Permissions Worksheet

Download the SharePoint Permissions Planning Worksheet here

I was going to write a blog about what I considered best practices around SharePoint security but Jasper Oostervald – https://www.nothingbutsharepoint.com/sites/eusp/Pages/SharePoint-Permissions-Part-1.aspx in his 2 part blog pretty much covered exactly what I wanted to say and more.

So instead of rewriting what he said I hope to add something by providing a worksheet that I have been working on. It’s really in Alpha so if anyone can improve on it and share what they have done that would be great.

In case you are unaware, Microsoft provides planning worksheets here – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262451.aspx

In my opinion most of them complicate things by having columns that most of our projects don’t really use.

I am hoping my one is simpler and more useful.

This worksheet has 4 tabs and instructions and tips.



Start by looking at the “Sites” tab.

Here you add your sites and the permissions of those sites.


You may need to go to the Groups tab to add your new groups that you will need.

The “Content” tab is very similar to the “Sites” tab but is for assigning permission to the libraries and lists in your site.


If your dropdowns stop working you may need to reset them by following these instructions – http://spreadsheets.about.com/od/datamanagementinexcel/qt/20071113_drpdwn.htm.


I would love to get some feedback to see if this worksheet is of use to anyone or even better if someone with actual Excel skills can improve it, that would be great!

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SP 2010: How To – Event Receivers and Custom Error Pages

Author: Tobias Zimmergren http://www.zimmergren.net | http://www.tozit.com | @zimmergren
SharePoint 2007
Many of you are aware that in SharePoint 2007, you can create Event Receivers (aka. Event Handlers) to take care of things for you when specific things happen. For example, yo … (More)
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from where i should start if i like to learn c#, . net ?

hi all, now a days i am learning in sharepoint (MOSS 2007). i started learning sharepoint. for sharepoint i need .NET , asp.net . i try to study that from internet. what i need is to study in making web pages using asp.net , from which point i should start. i mean starting from null what should i read first and then what. pls somebody help me.

Chosen Answer:


There you can download microsoft express 2008 edition C#
And you also can find some tutorials on there if you search
The best way is to buy some books amazon.com find reviews on
C# books or some tutorials on google.com
by: Alex V
on: 17th February 09

How can I test my PHP code on my own computer?

I have a basic knowledge of coding PHP, but I don’t know how to test my pages without uploading it to the web server. I use SharePoint Designer, but I have DreamWeaver too. I need a step by step guide. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

you need to download and install a webserver on your computer, which will simulate an actual server.

Apache is a pretty common one, though I preffer Abyss. Google it.
by: [ J ] a [ Y ]
on: 5th January 09

how do i add wmv. videos or media to my website using microsoft sharepoint designer 2007?

Chosen Answer:

You will need to embed your video or other media.
Here are some links you will find usefull.




by: vorlon
on: 19th April 08

Sharepoint 2007?

I am very new to sharepoint. I am a contracted web writer and I have to upload over 200 pages of materials with hyperlinks to Sharepoint 2007. The developers have said that I have to convert my doc. files to a txt file using notebook. Is this true? Is there an easier way? Why can’t I upload using Word? Please help!!!!

Chosen Answer:

If I understand your situation… you have a bunch of .doc files that you want to convert to .txt.

May I ask why?

If it is because of the hyperlinks and indexing content outside of our domain than there would be a different solution than what I am about to explain.

Programactically I would create an instance of Word and open the doc file. I would have some type of loop to process multiple files but anyhow open the file programatically and save it as a txt file. Maybe you could even find a simple application or script to convert the files for you in a batch. Do a YAHOO search on “convert doc to txt” I saw a bunch of options.

To move content to and from SharePoint in bulk I like using Windows explorer – just add a new network location and use the http address of your SharePoint site then you can drag and drop… You also can see some of the hidden folders like where the document library template is stored in a document library.

Lastly you most certainly can save from Word back to SharePoint however there is some dependecy on the your Office version. Office 2003 and up I think you should be good. To make Microsoft Word “SharePoint Aware” you need to go to a document library and open a word file from there. After doing so you will have an option to save future content from Word back to the document library using an option in the left pane of the save as dialog box.

Hope this helps – you can also visit my blog for more Sharepoint knowledge. www.sharepoint-blogs.com

If you ever need any help on projects please let me know as I am always looking for work in the SharePoint world :).
by: sharepointblogs
on: 10th February 08