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The Perfect Office

With the advent of Aptillon and a few other things I’ve been putting in motion for the last few months, I find myself getting ready to build a new office.  I’m curious…what makes “the perfect office”?  There are a few restrictions that I have to live with:

1. The space I’m using is going to be in my basement, so “a nice view of the outdoors” isn’t going to happen

2. I’m building the office space.  It will be about 10′ x 10′ – I can’t get away with any larger without taking over too much of the kid’s XBox space and the pool table space

Other than that, pretty much anyhting goes…what should I do?

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Finding a programming position in UK, get sponsored, and then emigrate to the UK?

Little bit about myself.

-> Programmer with over 4 years of financial market experience in NYC.
-> Expert knowledge of C#, Asp.Net, Sql Server 2005, and Sharepoint 2007
-> Masters in Computer Science from NYU.

I want to emigrate to the UK but I want to get a job first and then move there instead of going there and then looking for jobs – helps me apply for work permit before hand.

Whats the best way of doing this? Anyone has had any experience doing this before hand?

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on: 1st January 70

03Spaces, is it a good alternative to Sharepoint?


I am installing O3Spaces on my Microsoft Active Directory Server, is it good compared to Microsoft Sharepoint? Can you reccommend any other good freeware alternatives?

Thank you in advance!

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I’m using O3 myself.
It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for document collaboration or lightweight document management i’d say O3Spaces is much more user friendly and convenient than SP.
But if you want a customization platform and you’ve got consultant skills SP might be what you want.
Also, on O3 as a free to use version you get much more support than you’ll ever get on SP.
Just my 2cts.
by: Joost v Hout
on: 7th February 08

Microsoft Office 2003/2007?

was wonder can you run Microsoft Office 2003 in Windows Vista or do you have to upgrade to Office 2007?? The main reason I ask is I use FrontPage where I built and maintain a website and Windows decided to stop building it and replaced it with SharePoint Designer and Expression Web. I’m not currently hooked up with SharePoint (have no desire to since I maintain my own website myself) so can’t use SharePoint Designer and Expression Web is too basic for the likes of me… I have used Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver before but find FrontPage to be a better fit for my needs. Anyways has anyone seen the new Office 2007, their new design looks a bit stupid and more complexed especially with a ribbon replacing taskbars.
Another thing, what’s the deal with some programs in Office 2007 such as Publisher, that’s got the taskbars like in the 2003 version???

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I fully agree with you on the fact that office 2007′s design is stupid; hundreds of little icons instead of the standard menus that we are all use to. But to answer your question, Office 2003 will work with in Vista. At work, we’ve been testing the enterprise/ beta copies of both for more than a year now, and every last one of us have uninstalled Office 2007 and gone back to using Office 2003.
by: The_Amish
on: 14th January 07