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Coordinating URLs with AAM and DNS

Mark Arend, Senior Consultant, raised several good questions about coordinating URLs with alternate access mappings and DNS:

  • How do you configure alternate access mappings for single-name URLs, such as http://fabrikam?
  • How do you coordinate load-balanced access to Web applications that are extended with multiple zones, such as http://partnerweb and https://remotepartnerweb.fabrikam.com?

Configuring alternate access mappings can be tricky. After some research and consulting with our astute testers, Troy Starr, as well as working with Mark, I put together the following chart that lists the necessary information for creating or modifying alternate access mappings based on the classic authentication version of the logical architecture design sample.

As you can see, single-name URLs (for example, http://teams) can be configured for Intranet access.  These URLs are resolved by the client by appending the client’s DNS suffix, such as fabrikam.com, and then issuing a DNS lookup for the name with the suffix.  For example, when a client computer in the fabrikam.com domain requests http://teams, the computer sends a request to DNS for http://teams.fabrikam.com. 

In addition to configuring alternate access mappings, some DNS work is necessary as well. DNS must be configured with an A record for each Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). The A record points to the load balanced IP address for the Web servers hosting a site. In a typical production deployment, servers are configure with statically assigned IP addresses, as well as statically assigned A records in DNS. 

After receiving the virtual IP address of the load balancer, the client browser establishes communication with a front-end Web server in the farm, then sends an HTTP request with the original single-name URL, http://teams.  IIS and SharePoint recognize this as a request for the Intranet zone, based on the settings configured in alternate access mappings.  If the user had instead requested https://teams.fabrikam.com, the process would be the same except IIS and SharePoint would receive this FQDN instead, and therefore recognize this request for the Default zone.

In environments with multiple domains, enter CNAME records for DNS in the domains that the sites do not reside in. For example, if the Fabrikam network environment includes a second domain called europe.fabrikam.com, CNAME records are entered for these sites in the Europe domain. For the Team Sites intranet site (http://teams), a CNAME record called teams is added to the europe.fabrikam.com domain that points to teams.fabrikam.com. Then, when a client’s DNS suffix is appended to DNS lookup requests, a request for http://teams from the Europe domain will issue a DNS lookup of teams.europe.fabrikam.com, and be directed by the CNAME record to teams.fabrikam.com.

After learning about how URLs are resolved by the browser, I realized that http://fabrikam is not a great choice for an illustrative URL (http://fabrikam.fabrikam.com?). Consequently, I updated the classic authentication version of the logical architecture design sample with the URL of http://intranet instead. You can download the updated version at  SharePoint Server 2010 design samples: Corporate portal with classic authentication or with claims-based authentication (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=196872).

Finally, there is a known issue with some Kerberos clients and resolving CNAME records. If your environment includes Kerberos authentication,  see Kerberos configuration known issues (SharePoint Server 2010).

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How do you create a macro to only refresh certain sheets in an Excel workbook?

I have some external references to a Sharepoint list. There are certain sheets that have these connections that must be refreshed on the press of a button.

How can I only refresh certain sheets?! Please help
Can I refresh the sheets one at a time in the command…?

Something like ActiveWorkbook.Refresh.Sheets(“SheetA”) ???

I’m creating a button to refresh specific worksheets and their connections. So it could be multiple lines of code to refresh one worksheet. Please help!

Chosen Answer:

Given that the only available commands are either




it seems you can’t directly.

Reading around it looks like you can’t refresh when sheets are protected.

It may be a lot of hassle, but I suppose you could have each sheet linked to a separate workbook and you only refresh those you want to refresh.
by: flyingtiggeruk
on: 5th August 11

How can I share an access database with multiple computers on separate networks?

I am not super technical, so please forgive me if there is an easy way to do this.

I just bought MS Office 2010 and I am building a database for personal use I would like to use on multiple computers. I thought I might be able to share it on the web – so I have started building it as a “Web Database” but not sure where I put it from there so I can access it from multiple places.

I have read a little about Sharepoint and that sounds pretty good, but most of what I have been able to find has talked about using it as a corporate solution. That is more robust (and pricey) than what I want to do. I use Google Docs for a lot of documents and spreadsheets I like to access from multiple places, but they don’t have anything that will be a database solution.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Chosen Answer:

you could
A) publish it and send out the copies
B) tie it to a web front end and have people access it through the web
by: Puzzler-S
on: 8th February 11

Is there a database out there that will accommodate multiple offices whereby we could also copy?

and paste and manipulate the database the way we want information (e.g., queries of all people when a certain client number)? Sharepoint is not a good source, thanks.

Chosen Answer:

That is definitely not what sharepoint is meant for.

If you want a solution that would allow offices across multiple physical locations to have access to a database then your best bet would be to get a server, install an Oracle/SQL Server Database, and use MS Access as your front end for individual user work. This will require some time and a Database Administrator to watch over it.

If you want a simpler option, you could just make a MS Access database and put it in a shared network drive. However, the data would not be secure and anyone who has access to the database may be able to change records. There is the functionality to create user groups with different permissions in Access, but it’s a messy solution at best.
by: Warren
on: 5th August 10

Can I simultaneously view information from multiple SharePoint lists in a single Access database form?

My organization has 5 grantees that will be entering data into 5 identical Microsoft Access forms. The data is automatically updated in 5 corresponding SharePoint lists. I want to be able to view all records in a single form. Is this possible and how?

Chosen Answer:

No, that is not possible at this time. Perhaps at a future date.
by: B-Man
on: 25th March 10

Where can I outsource business class file server hosting for my small business?

I outsource hosting for my Exchange server, SharePoint server, Web site server and soon hosted VoIP services. Now, I’d like to know if I can outsource my company’s file server to a hosted server. This would be for multiple users to access and synchronize files securely with collaboration, backup services, disaster recovery as well as location redundancy. Can you recommend a provider to me? Please tell me more about pros and cons, things to consider. Thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Hi Steve,

Yes, it is possible to outsource your company’s file server. The fastest way to do so is to rent a fully managed dedicated server from an online company that specializes in offering such service. They can get you up and running within a few days.

Here are some must-have features to shop for:

1) At least 100Mbps bandwidth
2) Redundant or mirrored hard drives
3) Fully managed service
4) Off-server backup storage

The pros being that a fully managed firm takes care of patching and maintaining your server so you don’t have to hire personnel to do this job. Also, you don’t have to worry about the logistics involved in keeping a server cool and racked up in the office. The cons being there’s a monthly service fee involved when renting a dedicated server online.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any question or comment.

by: Joe
on: 7th December 09

Is there a way to synchronize multiple Microsoft Outlook calendars with one SharePoint calendar?

I’ve been tasked with building a “team calendar” in SharePoint for my seven-person team. We’d like to manage our broad objectives in this calendar so each member of the team has a sense of what the others are working on. (Eg, major deadlines, publication dates, events, etc.)

Is there a way for each person to “upload” calendar items from their Outlook into the main SharePoint calendar? So far I’ve just had everyone email me (the calendar administrator) the items they’d like to include, but this seems a bit unwieldy.


Chosen Answer:

on: 1st January 70

Does sharepoint allow multiple users to work on the same excel file at the same time?

I am a network admin and I have 2 users who need to work on the same Excel 2003 file at the same time and make various changes to it. Right now, if one person has it open and the other tries to open it, it will open a read only copy that the other user is not allowed to change.

I was looking at sharepoint server and was inquiring as to if it was capable of letting them both work on it at the same time and not losing eithers data when they save it.

Chosen Answer:


Create a shared network directory and set permissions on the directory so that the desired users can both read and write.

Put the Excel workbook into the directory. Use Tools > Share Workbook (Except XL 2007)

XL 2007 click the “office” button, click Publish, click Create Document Workspace.

Up to 256 users can share the same workbook at one time. You can adjust who “wins” when saving.

Users can be on any combination of Windows or Mac computers.

-Jim Gordon


by: jimgmacmvp
on: 18th June 08

edit multiple HTML pages at the same time?

More specificly, I used a program a while back that let me create and add meta tags, keywords, etc to all pages in a website at the same time. I could change the title and all the other little stuff all at once. Now i can not remember the name of that program, any one know it? I think it was a front page add-on but i could br wrong.
I use ms sharepoint designer amung other things. thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Try Mozilla’s Seamonkey (free) ~
by: Heinz M
on: 14th August 09

sharepoint search engine?

Chosen Answer:

Do you have Version 3 ? I just took multiple classes in the back end of Sharepoint Version 3 upgrade. We Went from 2 to 3. Discovered lots of Bugs, oops, Undocumented Programme Features :-). Anyways, The Sharepoint Search is “Better” in 3, BUT has to be, supposedly, activated after the main admins have done what they need to do to the pages, activated stuff, Danced Widdershins, no… wrong… forget about activated :-), actually forget about Dancing Widdershins. Anyway, I wrote up all my notes and finished all the stuff in the last few days. You need Version 3 to have a Proper Search Engine in Sharepoint
by: Mictlan_KISS
on: 3rd May 08