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How to Remove an Access Database from SharePoint?

I uploaded an access database to SharePoint for file storage. Later I moved the file out of SharePoint and saved it to a network drive instead. Now every time I open the file it has a message across the top that says “Publish Changes” and invites me to Publish my changes to the SharePoint site. We no longer want to use the file in SharePoint and I can’t figure out how to stop getting that message. The file seems to be interminably linked to SharePoint now. With other file types I could do a “save as” and create another copy of the file but this does not work with Access. I am using Access 2007. Thanks.
Blue Feather – What you suggest is not at all a bad idea and one I’ve thought about. But this is a large and complicated database (no, it wasn’t my choice to put it in Access) with many objects and multiple modules. What you suggest would take a few hours at least. We may have to resort to the method you suggest, but I was really looking/hoping for a more straight-foward approach. (For instance, “Duh, delete the document from the SharePoint drafts folder.” Except that doesn’t apply.)

Chosen Answer:

You could create a new blank database on your computer and then import everything from the SharePoint database into the new one.

If the problem persists, start again with another new blank database, this time importing one object at a time (table, query, form, etc.). Close the database after each such import, then re-open it. If the problem occurs again, you will know which object is associated with it. Just don’t import that one on the next try.

That may or may not solve the problem but it seems worth the effort doesn’t it?
by: BlueFeather
on: 1st February 11

I got docs checked out in MS Sharepoint, is there a way to check them all back in at once instead of 1 by 1?

I got hundred of document checked out in MS Sharepoint, is there a way to check them all back in at once instead of checking them back in 1 by 1?

Chosen Answer:

Not really. How did the 100 docs get checked out? If they’re checked out because you moved them into the library all at once, i suggest the following.

1. Delete the checked out files
2. Turn off check in/ check out on your library
3. Move the files
4. Turn on check in/ check out on your library
by: ed
on: 3rd June 09

Why my SharePoint designed page cannot play its background sound?

I created a HTML page for my home via Microsoft SharePoint 2007 beta, but my browser cannot play its background sound. Can you help me? I tried to created a same page via Publisher 2007 before and the problem still exists although that kind of audio file was supported( AU file and MID) and was nather moved nor damaged. And everything was alright in test stage.

Can you help me and tell me where was wrong, please? I will be grateful if I can receive any of your help.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you!

Chosen Answer:

Please visit Microsoft’s support center.
by: Ron Smith
on: 27th July 06