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Planning SharePoint Permissions Worksheet

Download the SharePoint Permissions Planning Worksheet here

I was going to write a blog about what I considered best practices around SharePoint security but Jasper Oostervald – https://www.nothingbutsharepoint.com/sites/eusp/Pages/SharePoint-Permissions-Part-1.aspx in his 2 part blog pretty much covered exactly what I wanted to say and more.

So instead of rewriting what he said I hope to add something by providing a worksheet that I have been working on. It’s really in Alpha so if anyone can improve on it and share what they have done that would be great.

In case you are unaware, Microsoft provides planning worksheets here – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262451.aspx

In my opinion most of them complicate things by having columns that most of our projects don’t really use.

I am hoping my one is simpler and more useful.

This worksheet has 4 tabs and instructions and tips.



Start by looking at the “Sites” tab.

Here you add your sites and the permissions of those sites.


You may need to go to the Groups tab to add your new groups that you will need.

The “Content” tab is very similar to the “Sites” tab but is for assigning permission to the libraries and lists in your site.


If your dropdowns stop working you may need to reset them by following these instructions – http://spreadsheets.about.com/od/datamanagementinexcel/qt/20071113_drpdwn.htm.


I would love to get some feedback to see if this worksheet is of use to anyone or even better if someone with actual Excel skills can improve it, that would be great!

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Software Suite? examples?

which of these is an example of a software suite?
Microsoft SharePoint,
Google Docs,
WordPerfect Office X3, or
None of these

Chosen Answer:

wordperfect office is a suite because it contains an array of products the others are considered stand alone products.
by: bitmindframes.info
on: 5th February 09

How to set up a “Yahoo Groups” message board system for use inside my company?

I would like to have a Discussion Board like “Yahoo Groups” but just for users inside the company (due to confidentiality concerns).
What solution could I indicate to our IT staff for this? We already considered SharePoint but as far as we know it does not work like Y!G where the discussion board is concerned.

The main point is: it should work as like Y!G as possible. Even better if it is free! :-)
hi myopic, thanks for the suggestion, but in corporate environment, confidential means that the information is sensible and can’t leave the company’s intranet. Putting it in an external server would be inacceptable, since external people would have access to it. Thanks anyway.
Deivid: I think you didn’t get it. My company’s IT department already came up with some suggestions, including Microsoft’s SharePoint (which we are already using for other purposes), but they do not work like Yahoo! Groups. And this is what I am looking for. Thanks anyway!

Chosen Answer:

Use Yahoo! groups. Period. Make the group private- so no one outside the group can even get in.
by: There you are∫
on: 3rd January 08