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Resetting SharePoint 2010 Themes

UPDATE 8/20/2011: I’ve reworked this script and included it as part of my SharePoint 2010 cmdlet downloads. See “Resetting SharePoint 2010 Themes – Part 2, the Reset-SPTheme cmdlet” for details. One of my current clients is a local school district here in Denver and we (Aptillon) have recently helped them release a new public facing [...]
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The Perfect Office

With the advent of Aptillon and a few other things I’ve been putting in motion for the last few months, I find myself getting ready to build a new office.  I’m curious…what makes “the perfect office”?  There are a few restrictions that I have to live with:

1. The space I’m using is going to be in my basement, so “a nice view of the outdoors” isn’t going to happen

2. I’m building the office space.  It will be about 10′ x 10′ – I can’t get away with any larger without taking over too much of the kid’s XBox space and the pool table space

Other than that, pretty much anyhting goes…what should I do?

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